We work with bright and motivated 13-14 year old students who would benefit from inspiration and encouragement to fulfill their dreams. Our programmes aim to equip them with skills that will be valuable at future workplaces and give them space to reflect on their interests and career aspirations. The experience inspires the students and increases their self-awareness and confidence, while also having fun and making new friends!


We develop interactive programmes that cultivate a mindset for continuous learning and teach lifelong skills of creativity, empathy, leadership, collaboration and storytelling. These skills feature highly in the top ten skills that will be valuable in the future workplaces, as reported by the World Economic Forum.


Throughout the programme, participants work in teams to create a solution to a posed community challenge (such as increasing physical activity in our daily lives or reducing the stigma of mental health in teens). At each stage, participants learn more about the issue and are trained in tools that would enable them to create solutions. These tools include design thinking, prototyping and frameworks of giving and receiving feedback.


During one to one mentoring sessions, students are encouraged to reflect on the process of working in a team. They gain a deeper self-awareness which helps them with planning for their career paths of their choice. Students also have a chance to ask questions about various career choices and learn from their mentors’ experiences.

Company visits

We host company visits where the students are exposed (for some, their first experience) to the office or professional environment. Here they have a chance to understand better what it is like to work in certain professions which helps inform their future career decisions.


Over three months, teams of students and mentors learn together through workshops and online mentoring sessions. The participants are divided into smaller groups made up of four to five students and two mentors, who work together throughout the programme.

Week 1

Mentors receive training on mentoring, coaching and design thinking. Participants reflect on their personalities.

Week 2

Teams meet and get to know each other. We focus on self-awareness through exploring our interests and passions, as well as community challenges we care about.

Week 4

During individual mentoring sessions students have more time to reflect on how their interests and personality can lead to different career paths.

Week 6

At an ideation workshop we explore how community challenges could be addressed, practicing our creativity and empathy.

Week 8

Through individual mentoring, students have another chance to explore the types of activities they thrive in and how that might inform their career choices.

Week 10

The final session focuses on influencing skills where students practice communicating their concerns, ideas and solutions to an audience.


“The greatest thing I got out of the programme was to have a better idea of what I want to do in the future and really focus and speak about what I'm passionate about.This was a highlight of my mentoring sessions because it made me have a better understanding of what I am actually enthusiastic about and a possible career I want to pursue in the future.”

student mentee 2018 and alumni lead 2019
Gladesmore Community School, London

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