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ACTV8 fosters sustainable and authentic connections between companies and local communities through co-learning programmes.

We develop interactive programmes that cultivate a mindset for continuous learning and teach lifelong skills of creativity, empathy, leadership, collaboration and storytelling.

The programme

Over three months, teams of students and mentors work together on community improvement projects through workshops and online mentoring sessions. At every stage participants learn new tools and skills to support them in creating solutions to resolve social themes that they care about.

For partners

Throughout the programme, members from our company partners act as mentors for the students and from it, learn and practice new skills alongside the students. Participation in the programme enhances the mentors’ communication and problem solving skills, improves relationships within the social and workplace community, and increases engagement in the workplace.


“Our students have developed into more confident, mature and knowledgeable young women. The talented mentors have been able to help our girls develop skills that are hard to encounter during our curriculum time. At the end of Year 9 our girls have much stronger communication, organisation and team working skills which are invaluable to them as they start their GCSEs.”

Mr Gjozi
Head of Computing
Gladesmore Community School, London

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