Coaching and mentoring opportunities

Team members of our partner companies participate in the programmes as mentors and coaches to our student group. Training is provided at the start of the programme to enable mentors to better guide our students and also develop their skills as people managers within their organisations.

Culture of lifelong learning

Participating in our programmes encourages a culture of lifelong learning in mentor participants as they learn and practice alongside the students as well as from each other. Improving key skills of active listening, communication and problem solving enables them to be better leaders and managers.

Employee engagement and relationships

Engaging in community activities through a multi-week programme fosters higher employee engagement as participants collaborate outside of the usual workplace, making a difference in a community. As participants work together towards a common purpose, the relationships within partner companies and also with their surrounding communities strengthen.


Commitments vary depending on partner company needs, but usually involve mentors:

  • Participating in a group training session,
  • Hosting two to three workshops on company premises,
  • Committing around 8 hours throughout the programme to participate in the workshops and individual mentoring sessions,
  • Sponsorship to cover the programme running costs and materials.


“I have found being part of the programme a rewarding experience knowing that simple regular conversations providing a different perspective have been a source of inspiration to give the girls courage to explore paths they might not have otherwise done. Each session with my mentees as well as the workshops also motivated me to reflect on various areas of my life that required improvement and provided a platform to refine soft skills that are relevant in business and everyday life.”

Mentor, 2017 - 2019
Pearson, London

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